FALL 2018

A Heartwarming Story from the Office

This is the season of giving thanks, and we wanted to start off by sharing a very special case. Last year, we were contacted by a nonprofit organization regarding a Holocaust survivor whose oral health was devastating. Over the course of eighteen months, Drs. Breziner and Fern worked together to give Mr. Gurfinkel a fully-functioning smile for the first time in his life. We hope you enjoy his story:


New team members

We’re excited to welcome our two newest hygienists to the staff!

Zoe graduated from University of Colorado  Boulder and continued her education at Southwestern Dental School. Some of her hobbies include concerts, checking out new restaurants, traveling and hiking.

Anastassiya graduated from Southwestern Dental Hygiene School where she was top of her class. During her studies she received the Hu-Friedy Golden Scaler Award!

When she’s not working, Anastasia enjoys baking, hiking, bike riding, and long walks with her pug.

Updated confirmation system

You asked – we listened! After weeks of feedback and development, we will be rolling out a new reminder system. Here’s how it works:

  • When you schedule an appointment, you will receive one automated email with the appointment details, and a button that will add it to your existing phone calendar.
  • One week before your appointment, you will receive just one automated email/text with an opportunity to confirm. If you do not confirm, you will receive a personal phone call or text from our front desk 2 days before your appointment.

As a reminder, unconfirmed appointments may be rescheduled in order to provide timely service to patients in need. Appointments cancelled within 24 hours are still subject to a $55 fee per hour scheduled, however we will make every effort to contact you prior and avoid this fee.


Text messaging the office

We know that for many patients, it is much easier to text during the day. That’s why we’ve added the ability to text message our front desk! Add 858.454.3044 to your contacts and text whenever you’d like. Your messages are received by the front desk, not an answering service, and we can help you with appointment confirmations, rescheduling, or with any questions you may have.



Perhaps the most impressive technology in the office is our new 3D CBCT scanner. Now, in addition to capturing panoramic X-rays, we can snow take 3-dimensional scans of your entire mouth. This technology gives us an unprecedented view of your teeth, bone, and nerves which allows our clinical staff to evaluate and diagnose treatment with the utmost precision.  

iTero Element 2.0

Upgrading our original iTero, the 2.0 brings our 3d scanning to a new level. The majority of the benefits of this amazing system are on the clinical side, but what this means for you is higher precision scans – done even faster.

holiday Dental pro-tip:

Eat sweets or drink sodas and coffee? Here’s something to consider. It’s not just the amount of sugar or acid that’s a problem. It’s also the frequency. For example, if you drink your morning coffee in five minutes, you’re only exposing your teeth to the sugar and acid for a short period of time. Compare that to sipping your coffee over the course of the morning. Your teeth are being consistently exposed to sugar and acid for that entire duration.