In the practice…



Trina’s son, Finn Dowling, was born December 22 and has got the same looks and colorful character as her mother. We are happy to report both Trina and baby Finn are in excellent health!

Trina rejoins the Family June 1st and she can’t wait to see you all again!



Teeth cleanings, crowns, fillings – we all know what the dentist is capable of. Certain doctors, including Drs. Breziner and Romanowsky, have the ability to treat much more than just your teeth. Here are a few services we perform that may surprise you:


Cold sores – Caught at the onset, our AMD lasers can cut the healing time of a cold sore in half! For patients with periodontal disease, we employ this same laser for laser curettage, or contouring of the gums. This can also be done for cosmetic purposes as well.


Diagnosing sinusitis – Sinusitis is a swelling of the tissue lining the sinuses. Because of the proximity to the mouth, symptoms of sinusitis can be mistaken as a toothache.  Our doctors and skilled in identifying the source of tooth pain and recommending treatment options.


Snore Guards – Did you realize your dentist can help with snoring, too? Sleep apnea causes several symptoms – including snoring. One way of treating excessive snoring is an oral device called a snore guard. The doctors are able to create custom snore guards designed specifically for your mouth.  



Dedicating to the best technology extends beyond the operatories. We recently added an Xbox One in the lobby, so child and adult patients alike can enjoy the latest in gaming with an expanding library.  Let us know if there’s a specific game you’d like to play on your next visit!

In the community…


This past September, La Jolla Family Smile Design volunteered with TeamSmile and the San Diego Chargers in providing free dental care to children of the community in need.  The event was a huge success and left our staff hungry for more opportunities to give back to our community.

This year, we are partnering with Team Smile and the San Diego Padres July 9 with another event to be announced later in the year. More details available soon!


In the world of dentistry…


If you’ve been cutting sweets out of your diet for health reasons, this may be a nice surprise!


According to a study by Dr. Breziner’s alma mater, Loma Linda University, dark chocolate has shown to be good for brain function. 

Earlier studies have shown dark chocolate is a major source of powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components beneficial to cardiovascular health.  This study, however, suggests the benefits extend to the brain.

Research associate Lee Berk recommends dark chocolate with a cacao content of 70% or more, which harbor several key health benefits.

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A Note from the Doctors…

To our friends,

As the year comes to a close, it is a great time to reflect on all we are grateful for.  Each day, however, we are reminded of the privilege it is to have such amazing patients.  As much as we continually strive for excellence, the bond with our patients, friends, and family is what makes La Jolla Family Smile Design a truly special place. 

2015 seemed to fly by, but it was filled with big news.  We think of you as family, and we wanted to share with you our most memorable moments, as well as some notable advancements in the field. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your continued trust in our practice.


Dr. Jaime Breziner and Dr. Abraham Romanowsky

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In the practice…




With a new year comes new life! Our hygienist Trina and her husband are expecting a baby boy on December 31!  Trina will be out for several months, and although her shoes are big to fill our staff is well equipped to fill them until her return.  You can learn more about our staff by visiting our Doctors and Staff page.




This past July was the ten year anniversary of La Jolla Family Smile Design!  While Drs. Breziner and Romanowsky have been working together since 1991, their current practice on Ivanhoe Avenue was established in July 2005.  The milestone was accompanied by an updated logo and branding to better reflect the doctors’ continued commitment to state-of-the-art technology in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. 

In addition, the building received a total renovation which was completed in October.  With our insistence on attention to detail and patient comfort, the finished product is an excellent complement to the look and feel of the office.



Part of our commitment to the cutting edge means equipping our office with the latest technology.  Our latest endeavor will be the addition of a panoramic X-Ray system.  Some of the immediate benefits of the new imagery include the ability to capture the jaw’s nervous system as well as easier capturing of the posterior teeth, such as the Wisdoms.  This allows for more accurate diagnoses and recommendations of potential extractions and implants right here in the office.




We are currently in the planning phase of adding a seventh operatory to our practice.  With a solid and growing team, we continue to make patient convenience a top priority.  The addition will allow for greater flexibility and further ease of scheduling for your hygiene appointments. 



Our planned enhancements are a crucial step in offering the most comprehensive patient care possible.  To maximize those benefits, we welcome Dr. Paul Fern as the newest addition to La Jolla Family Smile Design.  Dr. Fern is a San Diego native and brings over twenty-five years of experience in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and implantology to the practice.  With Dr. Fern’s expertise, certain implants, extractions and root canals can now be done here in the office.  We are grateful to have Dr. Fern’s talents and shared commitment to the highest caliber of dental care.

In the community…


Charger Day 2015

On October 27, TeamSmile and the San Diego Chargers came together for their second annual event benefiting local children in need.  The event was dependent on dental specialists around San Diego volunteering their time, and La Jolla Family Smile Design was happy to join the cause.  Dr. Breziner, Dr. Romanowsky and several assistants and hygienists spent the day improving children’s oral health, as well as educating them on the proper steps to maintaining a healthy smile.

Accompanying San Diego Charger cheerleaders, tight ends Ladarius Green and John Phillips and linebacker Nick Dzubnar were in attendance comforting children, taking pictures and signing autographs.  Special teams ace Daryl Stuckey stole the show with his polished dance moves and helped make the event more enjoyable.

The doctors and staff had a wonderful time and have already expressed interest in volunteering next year.




The doctors were recently featured in the La Jolla Light and San Diego Jewish Journal!  The ten year milestone and continued success of the practice were the topics of interest, and the doctors excited to share their insights with the community.  The doctors get a daily dose of gratification with every patient, and the recognition received in publications was further validation that their mission and work ethic are well founded.

In the world of dentistry…

The American Dental Association published an article in September regarding dental concerns during pregnancy.  First and foremost is to let your dental office know if you are pregnant.  Here is some great information from the article:

pregnant woman

“Your mouth can be affected by the hormonal changes you will experience during pregnancy.  For example, some women develop a condition known as “pregnancy gingivitis,” an inflammation of the gums that can cause welling and tenderness.  Your ums also may bleed a little when you brush or floss.  Left untreated, gingivitis can lead to more serous forms of gum disease.  Your dentist may recommend more frequent cleanings to prevent this.”

“Pregnant women may be more prone to cavities for a number of reasons.  If you’re eating more carbohydrates than usual, this can cause decay.  Morning sickness can increase the amount of acid your mouth is exposed to, which can eat away at the outer covering of your tooth (enamel).”

“In some women, overgrowths of tissue called “pregnancy tumors” appear on the gums, most often during the second trimester.  It is not cancer but rather just swelling that happens most often between teeth.  They may be related to excess plaque.  They bleed easily and have a red, raw-looking raspberry-like appearance.  They usually disappear after your baby is born, but if you are concerned, talk to your dentist about removing them.”

“If you’re pregnant and need a filling, root canal, or tooth pulled, one thing you don’t have to worry about is the safety of the numbing medications your dentist may use during the procedure.  They are, in fact, safe for both you and your baby”