Is Invisalign a Big Commitment?

Invisalign in La Jolla

Are you interested in making cosmetic improvements to your smile, but not if it requires a lot of effort on your part? You probably already know that Invisalign is a great way to straighten your teeth, but you may not be aware of just how easy this treatment is. Read on to understand why the patients at La Jolla Family Smile Design find clear aligners to be much less of a commitment than traditional orthodontics. 

Invisalign Is Removable

Whereas braces are a permanent fixture in your mouth for the entirety of your treatment, Invisalign aligners are designed to be removed at different points throughout the day. When you eat, brush your teeth, or any other time where you do not wish to wear your Invisalign, you can simply take them out. Obviously, the more you wear them, the sooner you can complete your treatment, but it is way less of a commitment than traditional braces.

Fewer Dental Appointments

When you get braces, you can expect to visit your orthodontist on a regular basis so that he or she can tighten the wires and keep shifting your misaligned teeth. This can be a serious time commitment, especially when juggling other responsibilities like work or school. With Invisalign, you receive many sets of aligners all at once. By following the provided schedule, you know when to switch out your aligners without needing to come in for a visit. While your dentist will still schedule periodic checkups to make sure your treatment is progressing according to plan, it is not as much of an inconvenience. 

Shorter Treatment Time

Even though your friends should have a difficult time seeing the transparent aligners in your mouth, dentists understand that the sooner you can get back to not wearing aligners, the better. Compared to traditional braces, the total treatment time for Invisalign users is shorter, with the average patient needing between 6 and 18 months to achieve their goals. The fact that the next aligners can be swapped out so easily without the need for appointments keeps progress on a tight schedule.

Learn More About Invisalign from La Jolla’s Best Dentists

Once you realize just how discreet and convenient Invisalign can be, your excuses for leaving your teeth misaligned begin to fade. To speak to an expert dentist and see customized images of what your teeth could look like after Invisalign, please schedule an appointment at La Lolla Family Smile Design by calling (858) 454-3044 or request a virtual consultation online.