Gum Lift for La Jolla, Del Mar, & Pacific Beach

Gum Lift for La Jolla, Del Mar, & Pacific Beach

If you are interested in enhancing the natural beauty of your smile, you probably know about procedures to improve the shape, size or color of the teeth. But don’t forget about your gums — an even, symmetrical gumline that beautifully frames your teeth plays an important role in your smile’s overall appearance. If you are self-conscious of uneven, asymmetrical or prominent gums that cover up too much visible tooth structure (i.e., you have a “gummy smile”), a gum lift with the team at La Jolla Family Smile Design may be the perfect long-term solution.

How the Gum Lift Works

A gum lift removes and trims the gum tissue surrounding the teeth. Removing and reshaping the gum tissue makes the gums look shorter and the teeth look longer. Improving the balance between gum tissue and visible tooth structure can boost the brilliance of your smile and make you feel more confident sharing your smile with the world.

Dentists used to perform gum lifts with scalpels, but nowadays we use state-of-the-art lasers to shape the tissue. Lasers are extremely precise and allow us to meticulously contour your gums. The heat from the laser also coagulates bleeding as the laser vaporizes gum tissue, so your gums are able to heal faster without sutures. There is generally less bleeding and post-operative discomfort after laser gum lift than with traditional gum lift.

Gum Lift Treatment Details

Gum lift can be easily completed during a single visit with our dentists. We will begin by discussing your goals and taking some measurements of your teeth so we can determine the right amount of gum tissue to remove. We will numb your gums so you do not experience any discomfort during treatment. Then, we will use our state-of-the-art soft tissue dental laser to carefully remove small amounts of gum tissue and reshape your gumline. Our dentists work meticulously to produce even, symmetrical results. When we are finished with the gum lift, you should notice a perfect proportion of gum tissue to tooth structure showing when you smile.

As the numbing medication wears off, you may have very minor discomfort that can be alleviated with over-the-counter pain medication. We recommend eating soft foods and using care when brushing and flossing for the first week after your gum lift. We may also prescribe a special mouthwash to help keep your gums clean as they heal.

Additions to Your Gum Lift

Gum Recontouring for La Jolla, Del Mar, & Pacific Beach

Your gum lift can be combined with other treatments if you desire a more comprehensive transformation. For example, you may opt to combine gum lift with teeth whitening to brighten up your smile; or, you may be interested in a gum lift combined with the placement of porcelain veneers on your front teeth. The cosmetic dentistry experts at La Jolla Family Smile Design can design a customized treatment plan for you based on your aesthetic goals and needs.

Gum Lift Benefits

Gum lift surgery offers a number of benefits to patients who choose to undergo the procedure, including:

  • Significantly reduces excess gum tissue
  • Creates a more aesthetically pleasing gum line
  • Improves the ratio between gum tissue and teeth
  • Can be combined with other smile-enhancing procedures, such as teeth whitening, for more dramatic results
  • Short recovery period
  • Performed with a precise laser
  • Helps patients feel more confident in their smiles

Gum Lift Recovery

Your dental expert at La Jolla Family Smile Design will provide you with full aftercare instructions to help you experience a smooth recovery. Generally, you will need to be gentle with your teeth and gums after your procedure to keep the treatment areas free from irritation. Keep the following recovery tips in mind:

  • Avoid spicy or acidic foods until you have fully healed
  • Avoid smoking and tobacco use, which can slow down the healing process and increase your risk of complications
  • Consume soft foods
  • Floss and brush carefully to avoid gum inflammation
  • Take all prescribed medicines as directed

Full recovery from a gum lift can take place in a week; However, your exact recovery timeline depends on how much gum tissue was removed during the procedure.

Gum Lift Results

After your gum lift procedure, you can expect a more balanced and enhanced smile appearance. Your teeth may appear longer; however, they will be in proportion to the amount of gum tissue that remains. Those that were previously bothered by their gummy smiles may experience a boost in confidence and feel more comfortable smiling and talking with others.


How much does a gum lift cost?

The cost of your gum lift depends on the specifics of your case. No two gum lines are alike, meaning your treatment plan will be tailored to your physical needs as well as your cosmetic goals. A less complex gum tissue removal may cost less than a more involved procedure. Because of this, an accurate breakdown of costs associated with your specific procedure can only be provided after a consultation with one of our dental experts. To get started with a consultation, book an appointment online or call our office today.

Can a gum lift improve my oral health?

Although a gum lift is a cosmetic dentistry procedure, some patients may wonder if having the procedure can improve the health of their smiles. In some cases, the reduction in excess gum tissue may make it easier to floss around the gums and thoroughly clean the teeth, and oral hygiene is a key factor in improving and maintaining great oral health.

Is a gum lift painful?

Our dentists use numbing agents during your procedure to ensure you do not experience any discomfort. Our skilled team of experts understands that dental procedures can breed anxiety in some patients due to a fear of pain. La Jolla Family Smile Design is dedicated to providing excellent patient care, which includes considering the comfort of the individual patient. We employ all necessary pain-minimizing methods to ensure you have a comfortable experience at our facility.

Learn More About Gum Lift

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