I’ve been going to La Jolla Family Smile and Design for about a couple years now. The biggest impression you get when you walk in the door is professionalism and friendliness. From the front desk staff to the dental hygienists, everyone is easy to talk to and easy to joke around with (if that’s your style.) The office is modern and comfortable and they had much more modernized equipment than my previous dentist, so it makes cleanings more efficient and quicker.

I also started an Invisalign treatment when I first started going here, and I appreciated that Dr. Breziner really explained how it would help me. I was less concerned about the cosmetic aspect, but he explained how aligning my bite correctly would be an investment in my future oral health, decreasing the risk of chipping and breaking teeth by stabilizing my alignment. He came at me with science, and I was convinced!

My Invisalign treatment has been pretty tricky with my teeth positioning, but I get regular checks to make sure things are moving as they should. And when it looked like my teeth were getting off track, Dr. Breziner scanned them again and adjusted my plan to something that would work better. The Invisalign treatment and technology are really amazing, you see on a personalized video just how your teeth will move and what the end result will be, which is really motivating. But the most encouraging thing is that Dr. Breziner and Diana constantly cheer me on, listen to my concerns and tell me I’m doing a good job.

They seem genuinely interested in my progress and proud of their work. And seeing the way my whole smile has completely changed is proof of what a difference this treatment can make. It WORKS! When you go through the Invisalign process, in the beginning you’re going to the dentist more than you’re used to, so you’d better make sure you like the people there! I couldn’t be happier with everyone at La Jolla Family Smile and Design — I even recommended my husband go there for his Invisalign treatment.

I’ll be happy when I’m done with Invisalign, but a little sad to see these great people only for cleanings! But mostly happy, ha ha! Thanks for being on my teeth team, you guys are awesome!


Dear Jaime,

I would like to thank you, truly thank you, from the bottom of my heart, not only for your kindness, but for your soft voice of comfort and confidence. And not just your kindness in the office, but for the clear-cut and wise guidance that enabled me to get well. Your logic, your compassion and your kindness tucked my fears in my back pocket allowing me to focus on getting well.

So again, I share from the bottom of my heart, how grateful I am for what you did for me. While these are mere words, they’re filled with humility and appreciation. Thank you. And thank you for an office full of the nicest people an office could have.


Professional and friendly. Peaceful, soothing and inviting environment. Efficient support staff. Overall a very satisfying experience!


Every time I come in for an appointment everyone is so welcoming and friendly! They remember you and Dr. Breziner always makes sure that you are comfortable and talks you through every procedure.


Every aspect of my experience with this office has been phenomenal. The office itself is warm and welcoming. The staff is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. My appointments have always started on time, I have never been left waiting. Open communication, seamless service. Top notch!


I recently moved to La Jolla. As I searched for a dentist, I looked at a number of sources of data and was impressed by the reviews I saw about R&B Family Smile Design. Last year, I had my first appointment and was pleased that my experience matched that of other positive reviewers. Yesterday, I had a cleaning and again walked away very impressed with the on-time and friendly service. Also, my Dental Hygienist (Cinnamon) does a great job cleaning and seems to really care that I have a good experience. It was like taking my mouth to a tooth spa!


Fabulous experience, I am really afraid of a dentist visit & he & the whole staff were so amazing. Anyone looking for a fantastic dental office should check out R&B!!!!


I had 4 old silver fillings replaced by Dr. B and Co. What an easy task. They took very good care of me, no pain by the way, and I was done in no time. What a pleasure doing business with professionals


Since 1987 I have been pleased with this outstanding dental practice and have trust that I will be receiving the best advice and quality of care. I give my strongest possible recommendation to others and have for over 25 years.



I was really excited by R&B’s new machine, called an iTero, that makes a 3D reconstruction of your mouth from a scan done in the office and then “prints” a crown to exactly fit within it! It saves oodles of time and sculpturing and produces a much better fitting crown to install. If you need a crown, or a replacement for an old crown, go to R&B–they’ve got the only machine in town that can do this!


There is no better dental office or staff in San Diego. The staff in this office care about the patients and are the best @ taking care of one’s dental care & front office staff know their patients so well & can answer any insurance question. Try them & you will SMILE too!


I am very pleased with the teeth cleaning and sharpening. The hygienist had good technique and was very thorough. In addition, when the work was complete the dentist gave me a good looking at.

So I recommend you take your teeth to the office and drop them off for a great cleaning. If you stay they even have your music favorites to listen to.


They are very classy,competent and caring and I would feel privileged and pleased to recommend them to anyone. I have with them ever since I moved back to La Jolla and was so happy to have them recommended to me., Thanks guys!!!!


I loved my first visit to your clinic! I saw another dentist in SF for 20 years, so I was nervous about seeing a new dentist. Everybody at R&B was so kind and professional, I am really glad to have made this connection in my new home.


Always great. The staff is very pleasant and professional. I can’t say enough good things about the folks at R& B La Jolla.


The entire staffs customer service is excellent, and they are very punctual when you have an appointment. This is the first dentist that I have attended and have no fear of getting a needle. When the doctor gives you a needle you can not feel it. I highly recommend this practice.


My family and I just moved to the area, this dental office was referred to us by a family member. After my first visit I found all of the office staff including the doctors were very professional and family friendly. I would highly recommend this dental practice to anyone that is looking for a new dentist.


I feel so comfortable and in good hands when I have my dentist or cleaning appointment. Trina is my best cleaning hygienist and I have been going to her for many years, Trina is thorough and gets in there to make you feel fresh and clean. They are so thorough and go the extra mile to accommodate you In many ways. Myra is amazing with any insurance or financial assistance to help you get comfortable with the costs and payments. Olie is so prompt and reliable with any appointment of emergency you have or need. Dr Briziner is so pleasant and is a wonderful dentist. He is experienced and thorough and helps you through all your dental problems.


Visiting Dr. Breziner’s office is the most unusual treat – that’s because it’s a dental office which always in the past has made me tense but never here – great work, great people, great results -nothing better than that!


I truly recommend R&B La Jolla Family Smile Design. I had have only great experiences.


Awesome as always!


Have you ever left somewhere and felt like you just made a ton of new quality friends??… I did when i left R&B LJ Family Smile Design! Every thing was explained to me in terms that I understood, a game plan was put together on how we were going to correct any problem areas, and the staff made me feel comfortable during the whole process. I am happy to refer my family, friends and my staff at work 🙂


Friendly, efficient and caring office. All the staff works together well and it is actually a pleasure to go to the dentist. Dr. B has the most up to date equipment and makes your visit painless and quick. They should get the best practice of the year award!



I came in for a deep cleaning with Cinnamon. She did an excellent job, made me feel comfortable & didn’t mind that I was working real estate deals as I was being worked on. Very great service that left my mouth feeling amazing. I was numbed up which she ensured was done correctly and constantly was asking for feedback to ensure I was not feeling any pain. She worked quickly and I was back to work in no time! Thank you very much!


I had my teeth cleaned by Carmen. She’s the best. I would never go to anyone else. Dr. Romanosky put in a crown, no pain whatsoever. There both the best ever. I recommend many of my friends & relatives to them.


I have been a patient of this practice for over 25 years.The treatments suggested have been effective and professionally accomplished. The trust I have in the team is priceless. I offer the highest possible recommendation of R&B.


Carmen was super friendly and caring! She was very helpful with calming my nerves, and taught me how to take better care of my teeth!


Carmen is wonderful. I love my cleanings. I was disappointed that the Doctor left before reviewing my x rays with me and checking my teeth. I saw him at the beginning of the appointment but didn’t realize he was on his way out for the day.


Friendly and professional as always!!! Love that my little one said that one of the best things she experienced that day was visiting the dentist and getting her teeth cleaned!!! I am a nervous nelly when it comes to the dentist but here, I always feel comfortable and my teeth are taken care of 🙂


The whole staff delivers excellent service; very professional, yet personal.

Thank you!


I so appreciate your office. I think Ollie, the receptionist/office assistant is terrific. She provides excellent, efficient responses to all questions, especially for insurance matters. Karen is one of the most skilled hygienist I have ever experienced-and 65 that says a lot! Dr Breziner is thoughtful and careful…and caring.


Dr. Breziner and staff have made my visits as pleasant as possible. Efficient, friendly, and excellent service in a bright, modern facility.


Moving from another state is always a daunting task but finding a dentist is a much more difficult task. You see, I am deathly afraid of the dentist. I get extreme anxiety during any procedure and I prefer dentists and oral hygienist that can cater to that. The staff at R&B La Jolla surpassed my expectations! It took me two weeks of research to find them and I’m so glad I did. The entire staff was friendly and accommodating. My cleaning was smooth sailing and the doctor was extremely smart and thorough. Now I can’t say I can’t wait to go back but when I do I know I am in good hands.


As always, despite being a very challenging patient, I received superb care from Dr. Abraham Romanowsky and Karen, as well as excellent support from Olie and her administrative team.


Great experience, friendly, competent staff, great hygienist and thorough cleaning….thanks, Trina, you are the best!! I look forward to my cleaning every 4 months as we have good conversation and my teeth feel so clean and Dr. Breziner keeps a close watch on my long bridge and entire mouth and makes wise recommendations with care and concern. Thank you R&B La Jolla Family Smile Design.


Dr. Breziner and his staff are the most knowledgeable, kind and comprehensive dental practice I’ve ever encountered. In my 60 years of seeing dentists at least every 6 months, it is this practice I am most impressed with. And having moved recently to San Diego from Boston, I couldn’t be more pleased at having found R&B La Jolla a Family Smile Design.


Incredibly professional. The best in the business. Jaime Breziner is incredible. His staff is super friendly and accommodating. Everyone should go to this great practice.


I had a horrible experience years before at a dental office, so I was very nervous finding another dentist. A friend referred me to R&B La Jolla family smile design. From the beginning, Dr. Breziner put me at ease. I am terrified of needles, and he made it painless. I am very happy with my smile now. Thank you Dr. B.


had app. today to get teeth whitened. Erika is so kind and helpful. Myra is so great at the front and my daughters LOVE Karen and Trina. I always have Carmen clean my teeth. The WHOLE office is great…they make you feel welcome and NOT like just a “number”