The Benefits of Same Day Crowns in La Jolla

Dental Crowns La Jolla

At most dental practices, crowns are a multi-appointment affair. First, the dentist files down the tooth to fit the crown and takes an impression of the tooth. This mold is sent to a laboratory that can create a custom crown for the patient. A few weeks later, the patient returns so the permanent crown can be cemented.

One of the many reasons patients love La Jolla Family Smile Design is that we can do the same job in one visit. We offer same-day crowns to our patients for their convenience.

How Same-Day Crowns Work

La Jolla Family Smile Design has CEREC technology on-site that allows us to complete a porcelain crown in a single day. After identifying a tooth that needs a crown due to a large cavity, fracture, or infection, our talented dentists can get to work by preparing your tooth for a crown. They will need to take detailed digital images of the tooth with the CEREC software, and then use the  computer program to design a custom crown for that particular tooth.. The design can immediately be sent to the CEREC milling machine that generates mills the crown in minutes.. The crown is safe and ready to be put on the patient’s tooth in about an hour’s time, with the entire process taking about 90 minutes.

Benefits of CEREC Crowns

The most obvious benefit of same-day crowns is that they save time. As much as we enjoy seeing our patients, we understand that people are busy and do not want to make more dental appointments than necessary.

While patients at other dental practices do receive “temporary crowns” to hold them over until their permanent crown is complete, these disposable crowns are usually made of metal or plastic and do not look as attractive or realistic as the final crown. Furthermore, temporary crowns can fall off easily and if that happens, patients need to drop in an additional time to have the temporary crown placed back on or remade. Patients who are lucky enough to get their permanent crown on the same day do not have to deal with temporary crowns.

The most important thing for patients to realize is that they are not sacrificing anything by getting a same-day crown. Some people assume that the quality is inferior with such rapid turnaround, but the CEREC machinery makes great-looking, durable crowns that can last on your tooth for 10 to 20 years.

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