Top Dentists Answer Your Questions About Porcelain Veneers

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When you see someone with a “perfect” smile, it may be genetics and good oral health habits — or it may be veneers! Porcelain veneers are an increasingly popular cosmetic treatment that can mask your smile’s flaws, including stains, gaps, and crookedness. If you’ve been curious about porcelain veneers and want to consult a trusted source with your questions, look no further than our talented dentists to learn more about the procedure.

How many veneers do I need?

The number of veneers used in your treatment depends on your cosmetic goals. If your main concerns are one or two teeth that appear discolored or misshapen, you can choose just to cover those teeth with veneers. However, many patients choose to use veneers for an entire row (or both rows) for a smile that is uniformly attractive. 

How will my veneers look?

One of the benefits of veneers is that you get to choose exactly how your new teeth will look. Regarding color, you may want sparking white teeth or teeth that look a few shades whiter than they currently are so that they still appear natural. You can also choose the size and shape of your veneers. This means that if you wish your teeth were a little longer or want to cover a tooth that’s slightly crooked, this is achievable with veneers. 

How long do veneers last?

Typically, veneers last about a decade before needing replacement. Many patients can extend the life of their veneers by taking good care of their teeth, which includes regular brushing and flossing, avoiding beverages that stain (like wine, cola, and coffee), and not chewing on hard objects like fingernails. Because enamel is scraped from the front of your teeth to make room for veneers, you do need to replace veneers periodically, so it is a lifelong commitment.

Can I skip other dental procedures if I get veneers?

Absolutely not. Veneers are an amazing cosmetic procedure, but they do not do anything to improve the health of your teeth. In fact, one of our dentists will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth during your veneers consultation to ensure they are in good health. If there are any existing problems, such as decay or infection, you will need to take care of that first.

Are porcelain veneers better than dental bonding?

Porcelain veneers are far more durable than dental bonding and capable of making a more dramatic transformation to your smile. However, if you find the permanency of porcelain veneers unappealing, dental bonding may be a more enticing solution for you. This treatment uses composite resin molded over your tooth or teeth to make aesthetic improvements without scraping off enamel.

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