Gum Lift: How To Improve a Gummy Smile

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Self-conscious about showing too much gum when you smile? A gummy smile results when more of the gums are visible than the teeth. A gum lift not only improves your smile but increases your confidence. The dentists at La Jolla Family Smile Design explain what a gum lift involves and how it improves your gummy smile.

Gummy Smile 

Patients with a gummy smile often feel their teeth are too short and the proportion between the gums and teeth is unbalanced. This could result from improper eruption or teeth affected by excessive wear. Genetics could also play a role.

Gum Lift

Also known as gum contouring, a gum lift reshapes the gum line by removing excess gum tissue. It’s a straightforward procedure aiming to make teeth appear more symmetrical or longer. Because more of the tooth is revealed after a gum lift, it looks longer.

The dentist numbs your gums with a topical anesthetic. Once you cannot feel your gums, the procedure starts. Using a laser, the gums at the base of the teeth are reshaped. If the gum line is uneven, a gum lift creates symmetry.

The effects are usually immediate. You’ll see what your new smile looks like before leaving the office!

Gum lifts are permanent. Your gummy smile will not return! You can also undergo other cosmetic dentistry procedures at the same time as the gum lift.

Medical Gum Lifts

While most gum lifts are cosmetic procedures, there are times when the procedure is medically necessary. A patient with a severe gum infection may require a gum lift.

Gum lifts can reduce a patient’s risk of periodontal disease.  

Gum Lift Recovery

It does not take long to recover from a gum lift. Because the laser seals the gum tissue while killing germs, a gum lift involves little, if any, bleeding. Expect some swelling and tenderness for a day or so afterward. Avoid spicy or sticky foods until your gums heal fully.

Gum Lift Candidates

Most people who want to reshape their gumlines are candidates for gum lifts, as long as their gums are healthy. In some cases, a gum lift could expose the teeth’s bony support structure. During the consultation and subsequent examination, the dentist will determine whether you are a gum lift candidate.

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