Professional Teeth Whitening vs OTC (DIY) Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening for a brighter smile in La Jolla

Everyone wants a brighter, whiter smile. The best way to achieve this goal is via professional treatment rather than wasting money on hit-or-miss over-the-counter tooth whiteners. The dentists at La Jolla Family Smile Design share some observations from patients who try professional tooth whitening.

Trust in the Results

When you purchase an over-the-counter teeth whitening kit, you may or may not get your money’s worth. There are no guarantees that the product won’t harm your teeth. If the results are not satisfactory, you have little recourse.

When going the professional route, you have confidence in the expertise of the dentist treating you. You can trust that the teeth whitening materials are safe and effective. The dentist will make the session as comfortable as possible.

Better Whitening

Professional teeth whitening produces better results. No DIY product can match the strength of professional-grade whiteners. When using an over-the-counter whitener, you might find some slight improvement, but serious stains and discoloration remain. Professional whitening means even whitening.

There is discoloration that even professional whitening cannot address. When that’s the case, the dentist can discuss other options for a bright, white smile.

Less Time

Professional teeth whitening results take less time than the DIY method. Depending on the method chosen, you should see the difference by the end of your appointment or within several days. With over-the-counter products, waiting for results can take weeks.


No two people have exactly the same teeth. DIY tooth whiteners do not cater to individuals. It’s one-size-fits-all, but most people aren’t going to fit into that one size. Having your teeth professionally whitened offers customization for your specific needs. You receive the amount of whiteness best suited to your mouth, concentrating on the areas most affected.   

More Confidence

By choosing professional tooth whitening you go into the procedure with confidence. Unlike DIY whitening, having professional whitening allows you to ask questions of your dentist and receive a thorough explanation. Your dentist can offer you additional advice about keeping your teeth whiter, such as not eating certain foods.

Money Well Spent

While professional cleaning may cost more than a DIY product, by choosing the latter you could be throwing your hard-earned money away. In the end, you really do get what you pay for. When you opt for professional whitening, it is money well-spent.

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