Reasons Our Dentists May Recommend a Dental Crown

Dental Crown in La Jolla

Dental crowns are one of the most popular restorative and cosmetic treatments we offer to our patients here at La Jolla Family Smile Design. Crowns are caps placed over the top of a natural tooth, but they are virtually indetectable because they are designed to look just like a real tooth. They are versatile devices since they can be used in several types of situations. Some of the reasons our dentists may recommend a crown include:

Following a Root Canal

A root canal is an important procedure that removes infected pulp from the center of the tooth so that the tooth can survive in your mouth without decaying further. The downside to a root canal is that the tooth is weaker, slightly discolored, and more vulnerable to infection. Hence, putting a crown on top helps to keep your tooth healthy and attractive looking.

To Improve a Broken Tooth

Healthy teeth can withstand a lot of force, but chewing on hard objects, teeth grinding, or injury can cause a tooth to chip or crack. If damage to the tooth is significant enough, our dentist may suggest a crown to maintain the tooth’s functionality and safeguard it from breaking further.

For Cosmetic Reasons

If you are not entirely pleased with your smile because you have a tooth that is an unusual shape, discolored, or different in size from your other teeth, the best cosmetic solution may be a dental crown. A crown makes your smile more attractive without needing to pull the aesthetically flawed (but otherwise healthy) tooth.

To Bolster a Tooth with Fillings

Fillings need to be replaced periodically to ensure that decay does not return to your tooth. The structural integrity of a tooth that has had fillings replaced multiple times is likely undermined. Putting a crown on teeth that have been filled a few times ensures that you can continue to eat without suddenly cracking the tooth.

Trust Our Experts

Our team includes some of the best restorative and cosmetic dentists in southern California. If a dental crown is the most effective and affordable way to address a need of yours, we can perform the procedure for you on the same day you come to our office. We have advanced CEREC technology that enables us to make customized crowns on site within an hour. To learn more about same-day crowns, please call La Jolla Family Smile Design at (858) 454-3044