The Problem with Ignoring a Cavity

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While it is normal human behavior for people to ignore a problem rather than deal with it directly, that is not a good idea when it comes to a dental problem like a cavity. After all, cavities are reasonably easy to treat early on but become more difficult the longer they are allowed to linger. In this blog, the talented dentists at La Jolla Family Smile Design explain exactly why you should seek prompt treatment.

Cavities Do Not Disappear on Their Own

Unlike some medical ailments where you may wait to see if pain subsides on its own, the “wait and see” approach is meaningless since time will not clear up a cavity. No amount of brushing and flossing will make an existing cavity go away either, even though it is a good idea to maintain daily oral hygiene habits to prevent additional cavities.

You Can Avoid a Root Canal

A cavity is usually resolvable with a dental filling. However, when you postpone this treatment, the decay on your tooth becomes more significant, and a filling may no longer be an adequate solution. If your cavity has progressed significantly, you may need a root canal. This treatment clears out infected pulp from the tooth and then fills in the center of the tooth. Because your tooth is often weakened by this process, you are likely to need a crown to protect its strength and functionality.

You Can Also Prevent Tooth Extraction

If the thought of a root canal is not enough to deter you, an untreated cavity can eventually deteriorate the tooth to the point where the tooth cannot be saved even with a root canal. Our dentists generally only recommend tooth extraction as a last option, but it can happen when a tooth is too weak to survive on its own.

The good news is that restorative procedures like dental bridges or dental implants can fill the vacancy in your smile created by a missing tooth, although they are much more costly than a filling would have been. Hence, it is better to take action to protect your natural teeth rather than letting it get to this point.

Take Care of Your Teeth with Outstanding Dental Care

Whether you need a filling to address a cavity or are simply overdue for an examination that can verify that your teeth are cavity free, you should schedule an appointment with La Jolla’s most trusted dental team. Please call our office at (858) 454-3044